Secure Your Family's Future
Protect What You've Worked For From The Nursing Home

Learn proven strategies to safeguard your assets and ensure your family’s financial stability amid elder care challenges.

Online Elder Care Planning Workshop

Tuesday, May 28th
10:00 AM

Register today even if you can't attend at the scheduled time as we will send out a replay of the workshop! 

You can watch the online workshop from your mobile device or computer.

We will discuss the following:

Protecting Your Assets from Nursing Home Costs

Discover effective strategies to safeguard your home and savings from Medicaid spend-down requirements and nursing home fees. Learn about irrevocable trusts and other asset protection techniques to ensure your hard-earned wealth remains secure for your family.

Strategic Planning for Elder Care Financial Security

Explore comprehensive planning techniques designed to shield your assets from the high costs of long-term care. Understand the benefits of elder care planning, including how to set up trusts and other financial tools to preserve your inheritance and maintain financial stability.

Maintaining Financial Stability Amid Elder Care Expenses

Gain insights into minimizing the financial impact of elder care on your assets. Learn practical tips for managing and protecting your wealth, ensuring that nursing home expenses do not deplete your family’s resources.

Why we created this online workshop:

The Elder Law Attorneys at Polaris Law Group, LLC are dedicated to helping families navigate the complex waters of long-term care and Medicaid planning.

We believe that it is never too early to start planning for one’s eventual needs. When it comes to your health, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

This is also true when planning your estate for the likely need for long term care. That is why we practice Proactive Elder Law Planning as part of making sure families are prepared ahead of time.